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Harvee’s goal is to deconstruct how business leaders make an impact and ultimately prove that businesses who do good, do better.

  • Effective Giving and One for One.
  • Business model design.
  • Vision, Mission & Values led growth.
  • Impact at scale.
  • And Leaving, Living and Leveraging a Legacy.
  • Revenue, Profit & Cashflow drivers.
  • Attracting top talent.
  • World class Leadership.
Inspiring Business for Good is like sitting down & chatting with an amazing mentor over coffee each week. Harvee pulls out the gold from each person so that you can make the changes in your business "to inspire & do good.
Emma Small
Ladies and gentlemen My name is Harvee Pene, I believe that GOOD is the NEW GREAT and welcome to episode number one of Inspiring Business for Good. Basically it’s about showcasing inspirational stories and strategies of businesses that exist for good – the good of their owners, their team, their clients and the world. A […]
Is it true that millennials don’t know how to handle money? Millennials are our future leaders, so if they lack financial education, what does that mean for our future? This education gap inspired our guest, Sarah Riegelhuth, to create a community called Wealth Enhancers – a Financial Planning and Advice Company for Gen Y’s and […]
Today on the podcast, I chat with Daniel Flynn, the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Thankyou. Thankyou is a social enterprise that commits 100% of their profit towards ending global poverty. Today, Thankyou products can be found in over 5,500 outlets in Australia, and they’ve donated millions of dollars to provide safe water, toilets, and […]
Taj Pabari is eighteen-years-old and just finished high school, yet his passion for young people, business and entrepreneurship has led him to a level of influence well beyond his year. He is the Founder & CEO of Fiftysix Creations, Australasia’s largest Entrepreneurship School Workshop Provider. Taj joins me on today’s episode to talk all things […]
Today on the show, it is a great privilege to chat with Paul Dunn. Paul is the man behind B1G1, a global business initiative on a mission to create a world full of giving. He is a 4-time TEDx Speaker, entrepreneur, and master presenter. Paul spearheaded the Business for Good Movement, which has inspired businesses […]
Stella Concha is the CEO of Reo Group, a financial recruitment company whose mission is to elevate human potential. Stella is wonderfully unique, and this episode is worth listening to just to hear about her approach to living in the present moment and following her purpose. Stella remembers playing doctor as a 5-year-old and knowing […]
Today on the Podcast I have a very special guest – Glen Carlson. Glen is the co-founder of Dent Global and the Key Person of Influence Accelerator. Dent offers training, advisory, and business services for rising stars of business, and they’ve recently completed their 97th intake of the KPI program. When it comes to people […]
Petar Lackovic is a master salesman. He is the Director of Sales and Entrepreneur Development at The Entourage and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve life-changing results in their business. Petar has always had a talent for sales. He landed his first sales job at a gym, and within two weeks he was promoted to […]
Eye-opening is the only way I can describe today’s episode. Nicky Mih, Managing Director of sex trafficking prevention organisation Free to Shine, holds nothing back as she takes us deep into her world working with vulnerable young girls in Cambodia. Nicky shares intimate details about her experience working to protect girls who are most at […]
James Hill is the Founder of Prescript Recruitment, a medical recruitment company for locum and permanaent roles in Australia. Prescript has carved out a niche for placing doctors in rural Australian communities where there is a shortage of medical professionals. James was first introduced to the power of giving when he visited the Northern Territory […]
Ale Wiecek on Happiness at Work, Customer Rituals & Being a Business For Good Ale Wiecek is an empathic Customer Experience Design Consultant and Human Centred Strategist with over 17 years’ international experience. She is the Founder of Sqr One, a customer experience design studio dedicated to helping businesses design products, services, and strategies that […]
Carolyn Butler-Madden is the founder of Sunday Lunch, a marketing consultancy that specialises in cause and purpose-led marketing. Carolyn believes that by aligning a brand with a cause in a way that unlocks both brand and social value, businesses can do well by doing good. Carolyn is the author of Amazon best-selling book Path To […]
Sarah Bartholomeusz is the Founder of the award-winning commercial law firm, You Legal, which she launched while she was seven months pregnant. In today’s episode, Sarah joins us to talk about her journey growing her own law practice, where her employees work from wherever they want at a time that’s convenient for them. Sarah describes […]
Hunter Leonard is the Founder of Silver & Wise – a company that helps mature-age Aussies start and grow their business. He is a speaker, entrepreneur, and author of six books, including ‘Generation Experience: 8 Steps for Mature-Age Business Success’. Hunter, along with his wife and business partner, Nicole, also support a range of giving […]
Sonja Walker is a superhero to many families and children in Australia. Sonja is the Founder of Kids First Children’s Services, known for helping kids (and their parents and teachers) thrive, and not just cope, as they navigate the ups and downs of preschool, school, and life. If you have a child who is preparing […]
PJ Patterson is the CEO of Keystone Financial, a company whose underlying mission is to help Australian families become financially stable and financially indepedent. On today’s episode, PJ joins us to share his insights on finance, while talking about his journey of giving through business.   PJ used to adopt a sporadic, ad-hoc approach to […]
Joanna Oakey is the woman behind Aspect Legal, a boutique specialist commercial law team dedicated to helping protect business owners as they grow. Joanna is focused on changing the negative perceptions around her industry and what she perceives as a tradition of avoiding lawyers in business. One of the ways she hopes to do this […]
David Dugan is a business coach and mentor for entrepreneurs. He develops relationships with small to medium business owners who are dedicated to creating financial and emotional growth, hosting events and workshops such as his ‘You Got This! Retreat’. David began his career as a dentist, eventually joining the armed forces where he became a […]
Jeffrey Xia is an established philanthropist and business student at the University of Melbourne. He is the co-founder of Folding Our Futures, inspiring the next generation of changemakers through school programs and workshops. Jeffrey is also heavily involved with JCI Australia, a worldwide family of young leaders creating positive change, both locally and globally, while […]
Natasha Hawker is the Director and Owner of Employee Matters – a company that helps small to medium businesses with their HR requirements. She is a speaker and author and helps entrepreneurs, both nationally and internationally, get the best from their employees. Natasha admits that she’s always felt drawn to helping others, from being the […]
Ben has always had a vision for creating positive impacts on the way we prioritise our health. In this episode, Ben shares his journey and describes how he found his passion for helping others develop healthy lifestyle choices. Ben also incorporates giving into his business, with initiatives such as providing clean drinking water to communities […]
Ronsley Vaz is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, marketer and founder of Amplify – Australia’s first audio marketing agency. Ronsley credits his business failures as the reason for his ultimate success. Ronsley’s humility is obvious in his unwillingness to acknowledge the important role he plays as the Founder of a business for good. However, he does […]

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