Harvee Pene

Author, TEDx Speaker & Co-Founder of Inspire - Life Changing Accountants.

Harvee Pene is co-founder of Inspire – Life Changing Accountants (Top 100 Companies in Australia – 2017 & 2018).
He is a Business Advisor who helps Young Families get Cashed Up, so they can use their Business for Good.

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With more than 20 years business experience, he is the best selling author of the books – CASHED UP, LEGACY, ‘BETTER BUSINESS BETTER LIFE, BETTER WORLD’ & ‘GOOD IS THE NEW GREAT’.

Believing that Good is the New Great, his Top 100 Australian podcast “Inspiring Business for Good” showcases stories of Businesses that exist for the good of their Founders, their Team, their Clients & the World.

At 31 years old Harvee was blindsided by Testicular Cancer. He healed himself and is now a global ambassador for mens health with the MOVEMBER Foundation. Feeling like he now has a second chance in life, he tries to live true to his life’s purpose – to DO GOOD & INSPIRE OTHERS.

As trusted advisor & accountants to the founders of Thankyou & ambassador for Buy One Give One and the UN Global Goals, Harvee is on a mission to see the end of extreme global poverty in his lifetime.


Topic #1
Spectacular proof that – “BUSINESSES DO GOOD, DO BETTER.” In a world where 796 Million People find themselves living in extreme global poverty (on about $1.25 per day), who is best to solve this global issue? Politicians? Celebrities? Governments? Churches? What if the solution were to come from Entrepreneurs, the natural problem solvers? And what […]
Topic #2
Think: Pauline Hanson. Barnaby Joyce.  Senator Fraser Anning? When you think about these public servants, do you feel inspired to give them a tip? It’s impossible to get Cashed Up, if you’re giving half your profits to the tax man! So let’s learn the strategies behind how we’ve been able to proactively save our small […]
Topic #3
Ever noticed how no matter how much more you make, there never seems to be enough profit leftover? Many growing businesses – regardless of size – suffer from a syndrome called “GROWING BROKE” where they find themselves making less and less profit on more and more income. In a world where we tend to spend […]
Topic #4
Business in general is characterised by big winners and big loser but the majority of business owners exist between these two extremes, for better or worse. Get Cashed Up is our guide to enabling business owners and their families to enjoy an extremely rewarding life, without living through uncomfortable extremes.  Jam packed full of strategies […]
Topic #5
Imagine a small plane flying over the Pacific Ocean. Halfway across the captain announces, “I’ve got bad news and I’ve got good news.” The bad news is that the gauges aren’t working. We are hopelessly lost, I have no idea how fast we are flying or in what direction, and I don’t know how much […]
Topic #6
Our complete guide to running a business that exists for Good.  The good of its founders, its clients, its team & the world. Learn how to join the growing global ‘Business for Good’ movement by aligning your business to the 17 UN Global Goals – becoming a ‘GOAL DIGGER’. They are a New WAY & […]
Topic #7
They say, “the two most important days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why’.  So what is your purpose? See. our days are numbered … We don’t know when our time on this planet will be up. What if, instead of leaving a legacy, we could […]
Topic #8
Most business owners think that “ACCOUNTANTS ARE BORING.” Truth is, they have the power to help – * Avoid  cash flow crises * Protect family assets * Eliminate unnecessary business expenses * Grow businesses by focusing on KPI’s *Get clarity and a sense of control & direction * Think through a business model & direction […]
Harvee. Thank you very much for your time yesterday. You definitely left an imprint on the team and the themes you spoke about were so aligned to our day and where the team was at it was perfect. You made an impression on my leadership team so have no doubt you can for the state and excited to have you be apart of the ANZ family."
Lara Thomas, District Manager ANZ
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